Kids are naturally curious beings and love working with their hands. Each individual has the innate ability to come up with an idea which could potentially be the starting point of future innovation.

At WOWKIDS, we provide a professional and safe learning environment. We house a diversified international team of elite coaches who are researching and development of creative courses and extended learning products on a continuous basis. Wowkids also assess every child according to our evaluation system that records every child’s development stages in learning.

Our mission: To ignite the creativity in every child.

We dedicate ourselves in developing the students:
Knowledge and skills through exploration
Problem solving through making
Critical thinking, experimentation and innovation

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Our Students

Our curriculums are targeted towards students ranging from 6-12 years old. (More specifically, students who are entering grades 1 – 7).
We are currently developing new curriculum and projects for a broader audience.

Our Community