Free to create

自由 创想

As an important extension to “The Creator” series, Maker Clubis a platform open to all parents and children. Loaded with different program to choose from, open environment, professional facilitate, and you get to choose a time to suite your schedule.
Maker Experience

Not many opportunities and abilities for hands-on project?

No experience to complete creative challenges with materials and tools?

Duration: 1 Hour

Let the children experience the infinite fun of creative challenges!

Each student will receive an individualized report outlining their assessment in various dimensions.

Students who have shown an outstanding performance will eligible for direct admission for our “The Creator” course.

Creative Coding

Never learned programming or feel that programming is too difficult for children?

Cannot learn the real programming logic from popular graphical programming?

Real Coding, Easy to Learn

Computer scientist and programmer, Xue Lai, developed a system that uses Mandarin Pinyin as an input for programming languages. TheLingoScript language acts like a "programming trainer". The code and grammar are closer to modern programming languages and can seamlessly be integrated into Python and JavaScript ecosystem.

Creative Thinking

Can’t come up with any ideas?

Don’t know how to go about making a project?

4-8 Classes(2 hour/class)

Through multi-dimensional analysis of hands-on production projects, we help develop creative thinking skill stargeted towards grades 1-3 children.

Through implementation engineering design process, we aim to develop the project management skills targeted towards students in grades 4-6.